Microsoft has launched an ad-free offer for Bing users


Microsoft Corporation has recently launched an ad-free offer for Bing educational users, which is doubted to be the result of the long-running enmity with the search engine giant Google Inc. This free service known as “Bing for Schools,” enables students to search information from internet without exposure to ads or adult content.

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Los Angeles Unified School District and Atlanta Public Schools besides other school districts has been registered by Microsoft. The firm will provide free Surface tablets and course contents for awareness about internet usage among youth.

Microsoft’s director of search, Stefan Weitz regarded this initiative as a handy tool in addressing youngsters about Microsoft products.

He said “We are optimistic about the success of this program which will attract teachers and students and also their parents and we hope to expand this program to utilize it outside of schools.

ComScore statistics displays that Bing occupies 18 percent market share followed by a dominating 67 percent share by Google, despite of untiring efforts by Microsoft to overrun Google.

On the other front, Microsoft updates the newly launched beta of Windows Phone App Studio to increase performance and scalability after the new app development tool reached 55,000 active projects.

The hosted service was released two weeks ago by Microsoft to increase the Windows Phone apps by enabling users to create apps without the need of writing any code. The service makes the users to opt from a plethora of templates to begin and then add data like pictures, videos, RSS and Twitter feeds.

Microsoft blog on Monday says that it is very happy with the overwhelming response of this application. Microsoft experienced more than 20,000 people worldwide starting more than 30,000 projects in the first two days of its launch. The company installed a temporary access code system in order to meet the increasing demands.