Microsoft keen to bring own smart watch in the market


Following the footprints of various leading tech firms, software giant Microsoft has also shown its interest in the wearable technology. Leading journal, Forbes, have claimed that Microsoft is keen to bring on its own smart timepiece somewhere in the near future. Authentic sources also speculate that Microsoft has been pretty busy nowadays in developing its first- ever smart watch which will conveniently operate with all leading operating platforms such as Windows OS, Android and also the iOS devices. The smart watch might also include fitness sensors for monitoring heart rate and other vitals.

Microsoft smart watch


The multi-OS compatible smartwatch is going to be identical to the Samsung Gear Fit and will boost a battery timing worth of two days duration. The wearable comes with a full-color screen and will be worn on a rather awkward place on the user’s hand in order to display the updates more confidentially.

Forbes anticipated earlier that the smartwatch from Microsoft will feature a tiny screen panel of 1.5-inch. The company has employed its Kinect division to develop an OS for this timepiece. The Kinect team is trying their best to design such an OS that works with all the sensor information into a simpler user interface. Microsoft will also put some health and physical fitness applications in its watch, just like all the contemporary makers are doing nowadays. The smartwatch is rumored to monitor heart-beat rate also in addition to other basic functions.

The best and striking thing about the upcoming Microsoft wearable device is that it will work on all the three leading OS easily. The company must have been aware of the fact releasing a smartwatch merely with Windows platform will not get a warm welcome from users as it will if the company gives them compatibility with all the three operating systems.

Wearable devices from other vendors are currently working with a limited number of devices; hence Microsoft will certainly get a decisive edge by unleashing such a multi-OS compatible smartwatch. Microsoft remains dead silent so far on the launch of this magical smartwatch, yet authentic sources claim it to be available by this fall.