Microsoft launches its own payment solution


Software behemoth Microsoft has been following the footsteps of its contemporary rivals such as Apple, Google and Samsung to kick off its home-baked payments solution. The payment system is dubbed as the “Microsoft Payments” and is claimed to surface on the international scenario as soon as the Microsoft’s next OS venture, Windows 10, is launched commercially.

An identical “tap to pay” attribute has already been displayed at a Windows hardware partners’ conference held in China. This payment facility employs NFC for making payments and also supports Host Card Emulation on Windows 10, which suggests that a user can make transactions even if he is not having any SIM or connection to a cellular network. Apple Pay and others payment solutions also uses NFC for its payments.

However, it is still vague whether some kind of secondary encryption in the form of fingerprint scanners will be made compulsory to carry out this function, but on the other hand, Windows 10 does work with a wide array of encryption techniques, such as iris, face and biometric-sensor detection support.

Microsoft has already joined its forces with PayPal to support PayPal Here whereas a couple of third-party app designers like as Softcard already have their solutions for Redmond’s Mobile OS.

Meanwhile it is the inaugural instance when Microsoft itself is delivering payment solutions to consumers. So far, it has limited access to the users, however, as soon as it gets popular amongst users, it will make a good fight against its rivals.