Microsoft may launch Windows 9 on Sept 30


Planet’s leading software and technology behemoth Microsoft has got secret plan to unleash their next installment of its Windows OS, the Windows 9, as per the authentic sources claim.

The Verge highlighted on its webpage that Microsoft is all set to organize a major event somewhere in a month or so, presumably Sept. 30, where it is going for a much-anticipated Windows 9 release. The report from website quotes as “sources well-known with Microsoft’s projects.”


The report also added that this massive event will demonstrate a plethora of fresh upgrades to the UI, and probably comprise of Cortana also, Microsoft’s voice alert application.

As soon as the new boss Satya Nadella sworn in at the start of 2014, this will be the first release of new Windows OS under his captaincy. Nadella has given a greater emphasis on swinging Microsoft strategy more compatible mobile and cloud space.

Just a couple of weeks back, Microsoft alerted its staff that the company is going to show exit doors to some 18,000 of its workforce in the coming 12 months or so, majority of which are bound to the takeover of Nokia’s handset division, which the company shut down in April, this ongoing year.