Microsoft office still at top as Apple iWork and Google docs tries to catchup


Microsoft’s Office is the market leader and a substantial need while working with others. Meanwhile, Google and Apple are also superb and cheaper solutions to work with but both have certain limitations.The Office package consists of Word for word processing, Excel for spreadsheets and PowerPoint for presentations. It is an excellent tool for communicating with other people around you.

Office isn’t a good option while working on a tablet. The Office software can be compatible only on Windows tablets — not the iPads or Android tablets. For utilizing Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, you need to be in constantly connected on internet with Microsoft’s Web Apps.

Apple has got an Apple’s iWork package on its Mac devices. It consists of Pages for word processing, Numbers for spreadsheets and Keynote for presentations. Each app costs US$20, so the price for whole package is US$60. iPads and iPhones have similar apps for US$10 per app or US$30 for the complete set.

The Apple package is inexpensive as compared to Microsoft’s. It’s not as impressive as Office suite but has got all the necessary tools you need. It can also automatically save interim revisions if you have to catch up your previous documents.

The major drawback of Apple’s Office suite is that while file sharing, the recipient can’t get Pages or Numbers to read out. Files can be extracted to other formats like Microsoft but with this export, you will probably lose some format. Apple users find it handy as they create Pages and Numbers in their documents for themselves only.

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Apple is planning to come up with its latest online version of iWork later this year. This latest innovation will also be compatible for Windows and Android powered devices.

Google Docs, however is a unique program which can work on any computer with a Web explorer — Windows, iPhones, iPads, Android and, to mention, Google’s very own operating system for laptops, Chrome OS.

This package is free of cost and the good thing is that no software needs to be installed as everything runs on Google’s servers online. The interim revisions are automatically kept as like in iWork.

Google Docs has also got its defects. You cannot automatically hyphenate words at the end of a line. Secondly, Google Docs need to access a continuous online connection to work efficiently. Spelling errors can’t be corrected with the internet connection in place.