Microsoft Pakistan plans for windows 8.1 Hackathon at Punjab Youth Festival


Microsoft Pakistan has planned to set up windows 8.1 Hackathon at this year’s Punjab Youth Festival. Microsoft has been serving as the technology partner for the mega event.

Microsoft has initiated its Windows 8.1 Hackathon project under the supervision of its Lahore-based Innovation Center. The innovation centre has been presently offering technical training tours across several academic institutions in Punjab.

With the help of this initiative, developers, professionals and students can understand new skills for application building and flourish in the highly versatile technological sector. The annual Punjab Youth Festival is going to feature a competition in which over 600 contestants from all over Pakistan will unveil their marvelous skills in application development.

Microsoft’s Country Manager, Amir Rao commented on Hackathon as, “Microsoft is devoted to bring the cutting-edge technology for Pakistani professionals. For this purpose, its latest venture, the Windows 8.1 Hackathon can be considered as the mega platform for local professionals to get the best out of it by getting in line with the cutting-edge technology suites form Microsoft. This will surely assist young developers and offer them great technological knowledge, help and support. We anticipate that this contest will serve the purpose of a rumways for the newbie professionals and students to showcase their talent in this incredible field”.

Usman Anwer, DG Sports Punjab, Usman Anwer added, “It feels great to work with the world’ leading technology firm which has taken a purposeful initiative for the Pakistani youth and professionals’ in order to lead it to a bright future. We look forward to grow our friendship with the international software firm in order to assist and show the way forward to Pakistani youth.”

The Hakathon App development contest is divided into three categories. This competition entitles Best Code, Software and exciting new game project. The winners will be given exciting cash prizes and Windows smartphones.