Microsoft Pakistan rejects allegations of deal with Punjab Govt


Microsoft Pakistan has reported that the business tour of Punjab Government official to Egypt was successful and important signing a deal between Microsoft Pakistan and Punjab Government.


Earlier, Wall Street Journal published that Punjab Government official got bribery from the company as he was sent to Egypt along with his spouse on a business class airfare and a lavish hotel stay for them. Microsoft has rejected such accusations.

As per Wall Street Journal, they claimed that the bribed official tempted Microsoft Pakistan of getting a three year deal worth of Rs.1 billion in order to supply Microsoft Office Software for the Punjab Government.

Microsoft clarified about these false allegations and inquired the Punjab Official Tour to Egypt and found it transparent and necessary.

Microsoft Pakistan found that the aforesaid tour was a reference visit. The investigations led to the conclusion that the Punjab government official visit was important and all the expenses were reasonable and transparent.

Microsoft Pakistan claimed that such allegations are very strictly treated by the company and they are properly investigated by compliance veterans.

Microsoft has procured an Enterprise License Agreement deal with Punjab Government.