Microsoft ready to unveil a new version of the Surface Pro


Microsoft ready to unveil a new version of the Surface Pro, its fascinating tablet-laptop with a built-in 256GB storage and some impressive Touch Covers for consumers to type.


Microsoft has launched surface Pro with such huge memory storage while the Surface RT, which is not compatible with OS Windows 8, only comes with 32GB or 64GB. However, having extra storage capacity is always good to have with you. For instance, the new Surface pro will have a 208GB space after 20 drops due to bulky OS and built in applications.

The Surface Pro features a 10.6-inch touch and type screen set with a high resolution of 1920×1080, a super fast Intel Core i5 processor and RAM of 4GB.

Microsoft is making collaborations with other firms in order to make creative Touch covers for the Surface Pro, produced in collaboration with other artists and companies. It is priced at 99,800 yen (roughly $982 USD).

The new gadget will be released by June 7 and will feature Office 2013 which is nice news for those who still admire Microsoft’s native productivity applications.

The Japanese follows an expanded spread out for both the Surface RT and Surface Pro making its availability up to 29 and 27 markets. Microsoft is keen to increase its global sales by launching additional devices throughout May and June.

The Surface Pro has probably a hard target for Microsoft to sell. It’s much costly for a tablet and the flexible keyboard is also a difficult thing to do for serious typing. Microsoft has not released the sale figures for either the Surface RT or Pro to predict about its market success or failure.

Internal storage is not a big problem these days but what matters is that Internet and cloud-based file storage solutions are genuine; however a new 256GB model will sure draw consumer’s attention in Japan.