Microsoft released Xbox One “mono driver” and upgraded GPU speed from 800MHz to 853MHz


The Microsoft’s Xbox One is still awaited to launch in next few months, but Microsoft has boosted the console’s GPU clock from 800MHz to 853MHz.

 Xbox Live Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Marc Whitten, revealed this during a podcast with the Microsoft’s Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry “Major Nelson” earlier today. The change was due since Microsoft’s E3 press conference in June.

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He said that Microsoft has tweaked up clock speed on GPU, from 800MHz to 853MHz.

 Whitten further said that Xbox One has released “mono driver” for game developers.

Monodriver is graphics driver which is 100 percent optimized for Microsoft’s Xbox One hardware, he added.

Whitten also confirmed that Microsoft is also working on internal beta version, and that developers have been provided with final dev kits ahead of Xbox One public release later this year. Major Nelson added that he is directly looking after the beta and has an Xbox One available at home.

Microsoft is aiming to reposition its Xbox One as the superior console against one-on-one knockout with Sony’s PlayStation 4 console.

Analysis suggests that PlayStation 4 is slightly more powerful to its rival Xbox One, although the experience during the gameplay is likely to be marginal.

Nevertheless, Microsoft is playing a good move by pushing the Xbox One hardware to its limit.