Microsoft search for new Boss continues


World’s leading software giant, Microsoft, hasn’t yet succeeded in its quest for the new boss. The board representative who is chairing Microsoft Corp’s thorough search for its latest CEO quoted on December 17 that he anticipates a selection to be made at the start of 2014. Just to mention, this is the first time that the governing body has been so focused on timing.

The planet’s largest software firm is taking more duration than many people had waiting to see a new boss since the exit of Steve Ballmer, who signed his retirement papers last August. The company then announced to come up with his successor in a 12 months deadline.

 “I anticipate we’ll be finished with our search somewhere at the start of 2014,” Microsoft top director John Thompson wrote in a blog post on the firm’s page. Thompson is chairing the four-man team to get a new CEO, which also consists of Chairman and co-founder Bill Gates.

Sources also cited to the Reuters that the team is left with a “handful” of choices, comprising of Ford Motor Co CEO Alan Mulally, one person from the technology market and a couple of internal contestants. “We choose more than 100 potential contestants, chat with a plentiful and then aimed significantly on a team of almost 20 persons,” quoted Thompson on the website. “As this process has finally been concluded, we’ve made extensive research work and inquiries, comprising the entire board.” Deep rumors suggest Ford’s Mulally as a appropriate choice.

Meanwhile, Mulally has not rejected interest for this post, but has said time and again that he fancies his role at Ford, where he will perform his duties throughout 2014. It was also speculated that Qualcomm Inc CEO Steve Mollenkopf was considered an appropriate selection for the job.

Kirk Materne, an analyst at Evercore Partners quoted as, “It’s a tough task. I don’t consider it’s astonishing that it has been quite awhile to find the best possible choice for this prestigious post “.