Microsoft all set to launch Android enabled Nokia X successor


According to the latest reports from Evleaks, software heavyweight MICROSOFT in association with NOKIA is going to wrap off the covers from an Android-equipped Lumia smartphone. The latest phone will be the successor of its first-ever Android-enabled handset dubbed as the Nokia’s X, which was released earlier this year.

nokia-xMeanwhile, Evleaks hasn’t hinted anything else about the features of this device, but it confirmed the branding that the firms are going to get along with on their upcoming products.

Troubled Finnish handset maker, Nokia has tried to fill the lost gap by jumping in to the Android arena with its inaugural cheap Android X smartphone. However, it will now focus on producing a more sophisticated and high-end Android device in order to compete with the likes of Samsung, Sony and HTC. Several leaks from web project that the upcoming smartphone will bear resemblance to the traditional colorful design of Nokia’s Lumia smartphones, and will presumably come up with the Pureview camera technology, now compulsory on the current Windows Phone handset.

By mentioning all these stats, the vaguest thing is that both the companies are opting for an Android smartphone release, in spite of having its home-made Windows Phone software. Nevertheless, it might be possible that Nokia and Microsoft want to support its own apps and facilities such as Onedrive and Xbox, with the liberty to operate on Google’s Android mobile OS at the very same time.

In addition to this, both firms are also gearing up to release another phone in the Lumia line-up, codenamed as the Lumia 830.
This phone will come with a tag which will read, “Nokia by Microsoft” at its back side. It will be equipped with a contour camera component identical to the Nokia Lumia 1020, but it is speculated to be reduced than a 13MP sensor.