Microsoft is all set to launch Windows 9 or Windows on Sep 30


Planet’s leading software heavyweight Microsoft is all set to wrap off the covers from the next installment of its Windows OS franchise (dubbed as Windows 9 or simply “Windows”) on September 30, this ongoing year.
The press released by Microsoft bears t he tagline: “Join us to hear about what’s next for Windows and the enterprise”.


Microsoft is anticipated to elaborate the future versions of Windows (codenamed Threshold) further, and might showcase a Technical Preview. We can also experience the launch of Windows 9 Server, considering the word “enterprise”.

Several authentic sources suggest that Windows’ future is imminent due to its widespread clues over the last couple of months. The most-complicated (and significant) is the likely return of Start Menu, which will now enable users to pin Metro-style apps on it.

Microsoft will also let these apps to either operate windowed or full-screen. It may diminish the often used Charms menu and officially launch virtual desktops. It is also said to bring Notification Center and Interactive Live Tiles.

Another delicate attribute is unification of Windows and Windows Phone. Recently, we came across a leak image of a Windows Phone with a tag of “Windows” on its rear. Windows 9 may be the ultimate variant of Windows, with the upcoming updates projected to follow a one-click procedure, identical to OS X.
Last but not the least, Microsoft’s response to Siri and Google Now, the virtual-assistant Cortana (which incredibly forecasted all the right predictions in the 2014 FIFA World Cup) will be featured to the iconic product of Redmond based firm.