Microsoft is set to unveil its new Surface tablet on 23rd September


Microsoft is set to unveil its next-generation Surface tablets on 23rd September at an invitation-only eve held in New York City. A lot of rumors and leaked have been posted in the past couple of weeks about this beast. They also speculate about its attributes which Microsoft officials haven’t commented on or confirmed yet.

The upcoming Surfaces will be identical to the existing Surfaces, loaded with the same 10.6-inch screens and VaporMg casing and will also be compatible with the similar snap-on keyboard/covers that the current Surfaces employs.

It will consist of the same number of USB ports like the previous version along with WiFi support. It won’t be able to connect LTE. The new Surface 2, upgraded version of Surface RT, will be equipped with an ARM-based (Tegra 4) tablet with a long running eight hours of battery timings. It comes with a new ClearType full HD display screen, same as the Surface Pro.

The Surface Pro 2, advance version of the Surface Pro, comes with an Intel Core i5-based Haswell processor, and is reported to have seven hours of battery life.

Interestingly, Microsoft had also made the new Surface peripherals. The new Surface docking station will be added to Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 models only. Leaks suggest that it will feature one USB 3 and three USB 2 ports.

Apart from that, much anticipated Surface Power Cover — a bulkier version of the Surface Type cover/keyboard, is also expected with it. This cover will feature a built-in battery made for giving extra battery life to Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 devices by some undetermined amount.

Microsoft plan to ship the Surface RT price at its current range ($349.99 for the 32GB model without cover) and post the 32GB Surface 2 for a price tag of $499. The starting price of 64 GB Surface 2 will be kicking from $599.

The Surface Pro will begin its rally at $799. Surface Pro 2 will be available for $899 with 64GB capacity. Higher capacity models like 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB will be offered for $999, $1,299 and $1,699.

Touch and Type covers and the docking station will be charged separately.

Prices may vary from the expected deals following Microsoft’s announcement of these models on Monday.