Microsoft sold 2 million Xbox gaming consoles in Q1 2014


Planet’s leading software giant, Microsoft, has released its latest figures on the Xbox shipments. As per the statistics revealed by the company, it claimed to have sold more than 2 million pieces of gaming consoles of Xbox in Q1 of this ongoing year. The company also mentioned that the latest Xbox One console shipments were around 1.2 million out of these 2 million sales.


Gamespot, a tech watchdog initiated these results for the technology firm,

Since Xbox One gaming console advent in November 2013, Microsoft is believed to sell more than 5 million units of this latest device. Xbox One was launched on November 22, 2013. Initially it was unviled in 13 destinations around the globe comprising of the UK, USA, Australia and a few more. Opponent console manufacturer, Japanese-centered Sony joined the party by releasing the top-notch PlayStation 4 a week later.

In the wake of tough resistance from rivals, Microsoft recently decided to put a sale on its gaming console by giving a pack of Xbox One along with “Titanfall”, a latest action game, for a reasonable price of $450.

On the other hand, Sony have highlighted that it shipped over 7 million of its latest PS 4 consoles over a short period of 4 months. While when previous figures were consulted, this shipment is double of the previous PlayStation 3 sales in the identical time period.

Sony released PS 4 in a number of countries like American peninsula, Europe and Asia Pacific for a price tag of $399 back in November 2013.

Microsoft has also given hints that it is going to come up with the next installment of Xbox videogames very soon. The anticipated date of this release it September 2014. This time around, as many as 26 new emerging destinations will be offered the next-gen consoles from Microsoft.

The company hasn’t disclosed any details about the specifications, features and prices of next Xbox gaming consoles yet.