Microsoft Surface pro coming to Malaysia and Korea beyond Euorpe



Microsoft the leading tech giant has officially announced that its popular Surface Pro will be arriving to a number of countries before end of May. Surface Pro will be launched in Austria, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Portugal, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, New Zealand, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom in month of May and by the end of June. The surface Pro will also be launched in Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia and Thailand.

The Surface Pro has a price tag of $899 in US for 64GB version without the touch cover keyboard (that costs $129.99 ).

The hybrid Surface Pro, which is the future of  personal computing  as  viewed by tech giant Microsoft and other PC manufacturers was officially launched in February,2013.However,surface pro was only available in the Canada, US and China.

Surface Pro squeezes a full notebook PC powered by desktop version of Windows 8, into a simple tablet form factor, The Surface Pro has a 10.6 inch full HD touch screen, stylus input and has 64GB or 128GB of internal storage. It runs on OS Windows 8 which is Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Brian Hall, GM for Microsoft Surface in a Blog post said that all those who want to know about surface pro must understand that before making these official announcements Microsoft make’s sure that they have good volume of devices in place for their retail partners. The statement by Brian Hall suggests that  Microsoft earlier has been experiencing supply chain problems ,however it is determined to solve these problems soon.


Hall also revealed that the Microsoft Surface RT, that is identical to the Surface Pro running on full Windows applications, is going to roll out in Malaysia by April 25 and also will be available in Mexico, Thailand, Korea and 29 other countries.

Unlike the Surface Pro, that has a good mobility and power productivity the Surface RT has been criticized for its low ability to compete Android and Apple tablets due to lack of available apps . As per latest figures there were 50,000 RT compatible Windows apps in app store, compared with over 700,000 mobile apps for iPhone and iPad available in Apple’s App Store.