Microsoft to add FM radio support for Windows Phone GDR2 update


Windows Phone 8 three minor updates are at least expected to arrive before Windows Phone Blue launch. The updates are to arrive before Microsoft’s GDR (General Distribution Release) 2 rolling out in late spring. last month, reported that GDR2 will be operating system powering HTC Windows Phone Tiara,rolling out this summer.


A report by Tom Warren of The Verge suggests something more on GDR2 and says that Microsoft may reintroduce the FM radio support for Windows Phone as additional feature to the GDR2 release.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 and Zune HD already include support for FM radio. Warren also mentioned that the Nokia is also building its own firmware enhancements into GDR2, that includes a screen-activation gesture that will allow Lumia 920 and 820 series users to use double-tap on screen to wake the mobile from standby.

The Portico 8.0.10211.204 update was considered as GDR1. Microsoft started rolling out Portico in late 2012. Portico included updates for messaging, wifi and also for Internet Explorer updates.

However it is expected that the third Windows Phone 8 GDRs will arrive before Windows Phone Blue.The Windows Phone Blue is however expected to roll out in late 2013 or in early 2014.

Windows Phone Blue is the Microsoft’s Windows Phone Operating System update that is being designed to bring the Windows 8, the Windows RT and the Windows Phone 8 application models and also the developer platforms major sync.