Microsoft web marketplace has crossed barrier of 200,000 applications


Software giant Microsoft has delightfully said on its Windows Phone Developer’s blog that its web marketplace has now crossed the barrier of 200,000 applications.

Alongside that, the amount of downloaded applications each day has reached an incredible 12 million mark.

The milestone did take quite a while to cross that barrier reach as both Apple and Google have surpassed this number well before Microsoft lesser time. Microsoft managed to acquire most of them in the previous couple of months, besides attracting the developers to fetch a number of applications like Instagram and Vine in the aforesaid time.

The company was waiting for the appropriate moment to declare its latest gift cards, which are going to be provided in as many as 41 markets all over the world at first and will be launched in the remaining markets later onward.

Microsoft has also declared that payment through carrier billing is now offered for 51 carriers across the globe in 31 nations, with the aim to bring a lot more soon. In more than 190 nations all over the planet, the Store is available for customers now.

Microsoft anticipates that the application barrier between its forum and others will minimize by next year. Hence, users will have to wait and watch whether that true or not.