Microsoft will permit indie developers self-published games on Xbox


Microsoft’s Mark Whitten admitted that all Xbox One systems can be utilized as development tools but that spec will take some time to come to the market.

He added, “We believe that everyone can be a creator and every Xbox One can be handy in development. Many users and game developers can benefit from all the attributes of Xbox One and Xbox Live. This term is referred to as self-publishing. This means Kinect, the cloud, are milestones. We will surely address enthusiast about more details of this program at gamescom this August.”


A soon as the Xbox Live Arcade arrived, Microsoft desperately needed independent game developers with a well established publisher to get global on the digital delivery facility. In the current scenario, Microsoft might plan to change disputed policy besides streamlining the authorized path for acquiring games onto its digital distribution service simultaneously.

Reports from Game Informer that “undisclosed sources” claimed Microsoft will nearly announce that independent developers can launch downloadable games directly on their platforms systems without an obligation of a publishing partner. Indie self-publishers can now place dates and pricing according to their own will. This decision comes alongside relaxed certification requirements for XBLA imposed by Microsoft. The tale ofSuper Meat Boy is one such major example of this.

The relaxation news came after several high-profiles grousing from numerous indie developers about the problems they encountered in publishing on the Xbox 360. The E3 where Sony gave much more press conference duration to its important indie outreach’s hard work than Microsoft also helped the cause.