Microsoft has wrapped off covers from Surface Pro 3


Software giant Microsoft has finally wrapped off the covers from its latest installment of the Surface line-up with codename Surface Pro 3. This latest high-performance device is possibly made to target the widening gap between the tablet and laptop.

The new Surface Pro 3 is a massive 12-inch device along with a kickstand and a stylus. The Surface Pro 3 f it comes with Intel-powered Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 chipsets in order to enhance its performance and speed in contrast to the earlier versions of this series. It is also enabled with USB 3.0 support and several different color rear-covers increase its grace and decency.

Microsoft is expecting a lot from its new Surface Pro 3 as it claims that this slate is an alternative for a consumer notebook. Microsoft admits that the importance of tablets and notebooks cannot be denied but this device is aimed to combine the two user-friendly devices.

For this purpose, Microsoft has made certain modifications to this new variant like the thickness of this model is 9.1-mm are comparison to the 10.6mm Surface Pro 2. The display screen is also been optimized up to 12-inches HD panel which was previously 10.6 on the Surface Pro 2.

An 800 gram Surface Pro 3 ensures easy mobility and portability of the tablet. It is also lighter than the Appleā€™s MacBook Air.

The power department of the new Surface Pro 3 has also been addressed as the device is enabled with as much as double of a laptop battery.

The customization and personalization in the new Surface Pro 3 is now easier as the icons for applications can now be optimized up to 200 % in size to give a more vivid view and easy access.

The high-end and sophisticated Surface Pro 3 is having an initial price tag of $799, but it varies with the kind of specifications user wants. The Intel Core i5 model is available for a price of $999 to $1,299, whereas the Core i7 variant might be a little more expensive as a 512 GB and 8 GB RAM device costs almost $1,949.