Microsoft’s Windows 7 loosing charm as Win 8 capturing market


Microsoft’s Windows 7 is starting to loose its charm from the start of current year. The latest release Windows 8 on the other hand continues to push forward. Traditional Windows XP finally fell below 40 percent and Windows 7 passed the 45 percent mark last month. So for Microsoft Windows 7 and XP January turns out to be an odd month.

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January 2013 was a solid month for windows 8 which gained almost 0.56 percentage points while windows 7 lost 0.63 percentage points. January would have been the real jump for windows 8 after all new PC’s gets a full month’s usage, but it was not the case. January was smaller as Windows 8 gained 0.66 percentage points in December.

Windows 7 recently passed the 45 percent mark, but now it looks to have peaked. Its early to say but windows 7 is certainly losing its shares since its release.

While Windows vista tends to go down by 5 percent mark soon. Windows XP managed to jump the same amount, as it didn’t gain back its losses from December. Windows managed to increase its market share after six months of losses, with the help of Windows 7 and Windows 8, as 2012 ends. Windows is back to losing share with the fall of Windows 7 for the first time. Windows lost 0.03 percentage points (from 91.74 percent to 91.71 percent) between December and January. Both Linux and OS X benefited from it.

Each month data from 160 million unique visitors is used by Net Applications. 40,000 websites are monitored for its clients. Another popular service for watching market share moves is Statcounter. This company has 15 billion page views. It makes more sense to keep track of users than of page views, as equivalent data is available here if you prefer the latter.

Business Insider says Microsoft is interested in buying Appcelerator. It is a mobile app cloud company that has some 50,208 applications installed on over 111 million devices, estimates upto10 percent of the world’s smartphone apps.Its development product, Titanium, provides tools for developers to create and manage mobile apps operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and HTML5. Compaies like eBay, PayPal and Wall Street Journal are connected with the program.Microsoft showed interst in Appcelarator as it could possibly add its own cloud service, Azure. Microsoft gets incredible amount of participating developers (418,731 to be exact) by owning this company. It would be a big jump for Windows phone platefrom.

Haynie and Wright is a leading app development firm in world. Wrigh has working experience at at Marc Andreessen’s Netscape. Haynie is on the other hand an angel investor, who is known for his work on the web application hosting product named JBoss.JBoss is now owned by Red Hat. Red Hat also has a minor stake in Appcelerator however it can’t stop its sale to rival Microsoft.

Appcelerator popularity can be guessed from its recent hiring by Intel to support Tizen,that is a new smartphone Operating System. Tizen OS is joint venture of Intel and Samsung and is in development phase to compete with Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone.