Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS sales crossed 200 million since launch


As per Tami Reller, chief of marketing, Software giant Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS sales has reached over 200 million sales since its release back in 2012. However, it is astonishing to see that it still come short of the Windows 7 sales, which were 240 million in its inaugural year.

Microsoft disclosed its sales statistics for its clients after a six months delay. Tami Reller declared the stats at a Goldman Sachs technology summit yesterday.

The major reason behind the passive sales of Windows 8 and its new version Windows 8.1 are considered to be the dominance of smartphones and tablets in the market. This latest slump in sales shows a two-year drop in PCs. It is anticipated that tablets shifts will apparently dominate over PCs globally in 2015.

Windows 8 was actually built to be manageable system that would enable a user to use it effectively on his desktops PC as well as tablets. Meanwhile, it didn’t come up to the expectations are ultimately disappointed many typical subscribers.

Moreover, the actual number of Windows 8 users is getting low day by day. At first, a number of businesses bought the new Windows 8 licenses, but less than half of them deployed it on their office system.

Technology statistics company NetMarketShare pointed out that only merely 11 percent of global desktop PC consumers are working with Windows 8 or 8.1. On the other hand, almost half (48%) of the users still love to work with Windows 7 and the remaining 29 percent customers stick to the 10 year old Windows XP.

Windows 7, the super hit operating system of Microsoft Corporation came after the low-profile Windows Vista. It sold over 450 million licenses and is considered as the most successful OS Microsoft has ever produced.