Microsoft’s Windows Blue may arrive in mid 2013 for free


Microsoft’s Windows Blue is much more than just annual update to Windows 8 rather it is a massive shift towards regular Microsoft product updates including Windows Phone, Win Server, and online services such as SkyDrive and Hotmail.

Microsoft historically releases major products on average of 3 year cycle.That is Microsoft’s standard timeframe in the software development world.The release is especially of operating systems and productivity suites that after rigorous tests before being deployed on millions of computers. Microsoft took too much time  fix Vista and release Windows 7.On the other hand Facebook went from a few thousand users to almost 300 million users, and Apple also released the iPhone versions. Microsoft’s Windows 8 began development in time frame before the initial release of the iPad but when it was released  the iPad 3 was already there and  Apple had already won.

Microsoft Windows Blue

Microsoft is therefore moving Windows 8, Windows Phone, Win Server and its other online services to an annual release cycle. Microsoft’s rivals in the consumer space that includes Android, iOS, OS X is on yearly faster release schedule.Microsoft can only take the lead in the smartphone and tablet markets if it can outmaneuver the competition.This could be virtually impossible without a faster release schedule.

New Windows logo is blue 

The Blue logo represents a huge internal makeover of Microsoft. Microsoft is still working on schedule to release Windows Blue in somewhere in mid-2013 for free or low cost.Windows Blue will probably be available through the Windows Store.ZDNet’s source reported that the Windows Phone, Server, and online service updates all will come around the same time. However most of us expects that  these will be small tweaks, much like iOS or OS X’s yearly updates. New features might arrive, and no major interface update is expected.
Windows 9  is still on the roadmap as per ZDNet. Microsoft’s Blue smartphone efforts are in full swing. Fast updates should mean that Microsoft can add set of new feature to Xbox 720, and quickly release system-level updates to integrate feature into Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.