Microsoft’s Windows OS could dominate in global PC sales in 2015


The latest reports revealed by research firm Gartner highlights that Microsoft’s Windows OS could dominate in global PC sales to a reasonable rise in 2015 following a sharp decline in the past few years.

By 2015, PC shipments is claimed to touch the 317 million mark, surpassing 308 million units forecast for this ongoing year, as per the survey from the watchdog. Study further reveals that sales in 2014 will see a slash by 2.9 percent in contrast to the 2013.

The next phase of the PC market will be motivated by upgrades of previous business PCs equipped with Windows XP, which are obsolete now, research director at Gartner, Ranjit Atwal mentioned. He also said that as many as 60 million PCs are going to get an upgrade in this ongoing year.

Furthermore, Windows 7 appears to be the prime choice for business in comparison to the Windows 8, which is considered more often as a tablet OS. Microsoft is also planning to unleash the next version of its Windows OS sometime in 2015, which could take Windows 7 place for businesses. Nevertheless, it is going to be a time consuming process to install PC OSes in businesses, as it were in the case with Windows 7, which almost consumed 12 months to get its mark in businesses.
Gartner study also found that overall sales of computing products including of PCs, tablets and smartphones, are projected to touch 2.4 billion units mark in 2014, a growth rate of 4.2 percent in contrast to the 2013. Meanwhile, an increase to 2.6 billion units will be observed in 2015.

Following its inauguration back in 2010, tablets were the ultimate substitute for computing devices to PCs. Gartner forecasts that is tablet sales will see a boost to reach 256 million in 2014, a 49 million increase from 2013. It also said that Tablet sales will manage to touch 321 million in 2015, surpassing PCs.

In contrast to the 326 million PCs sales in 2013, Microsoft’s Windows desktop OS and Phone OS will ship nearly 333 million units in 2014.