Mobilink revenues in Q4 2013 declined to Rs. 26 billion by 6 percent


Mobilink announced revenues for financial year 2013 of Rs. 108 billion. Last year Mobilink’s revenue stood at Rs. 106 billion. The comany saw a decrease of 6 percent on year to year basis of Rs. 26 billion in fourth quarter of financial year 2013 which declined from Rs. 27.2 billion as compared to same duration last year.

Mobilink attributed this decline in revenues to country’s security situation, frequent network shutdowns and higher withholding taxes by government.

EBITDA of Mobilink in Q4 of 2013 were downed by 18 percent to Rs. 10 billion from net Rs. 12 billion in the same duration last year. EBITDA stood at 37.2 percent which is slightly down by 5.8 percentage points.

VimpelCom parent group of Mobilink said in its financial report that certain regulatory measures increased the net costs of new sales. Moreover, lower interconnect charges and power outages impacted the overall EBITDA.

Mobilink upgradation of equipment for 3G  increased CAPEX in FY2013 by 10 percent to USD 190 million. It is expected that the 3G and 4G services will further increase Mobilink revenues in the coming months after the 3G / 4G auction by PTA.

 Mobilink’s average Revenue Per User (ARPU) declined to Rs. 219 for Q4 of FY2013 from Rs. 243 during the same period during last year.

Mobilink average utilization minutes by customer were recorded at 222 per month, improved from 215 minutes per user per month during Q4 2012.

Mobilink’s customers also increased by 4 percent to 38 million at the end of 2013.