Nokia controls over 75 percent of the smartphone platform’s market


AdDuplex that is an Ad network for Windows Phone indicates that Nokia have control over 75 percent of the smartphone platform’s overall OEM market.

However with Windows Phone, it’s somehow difficult to collect and analyze data of this kind, due to sample sizes that are invariably smaller than what would you like. As an example AdDuplex based Windows Phone hardware market data on around 294 apps in its network, that was tracked over the past few weeks. That’s a mere small portion of the larger Windows Phone application collection, but is a good picture of the devices that are currently in the market.


The above data set indicates that Win Phone 8 is present on roughly 25 of all Windows Phone handsets means Windows Phone 7 and it variants on a roughly Nokia majority.

Therefore Nokia is dominant around as it was due to its latest partnership with Microsoft and well received apps and strong hardware. That HTC is also on top of tech gian Samsung without a surprise. The HTC 8X has received a good boost which is the major carrier of current Windows Phone product cycle.