Nokia is going to get a new name proposed as Microsoft Mobile


As per the latest reports from the authentic sources, the Finnish handset giant Nokia is going to get a new name proposed as Microsoft Mobile. This replacement was on the cards due to the Nokia handset unit takeover by Microsoft which was finalized last September.

Nokia Poweruser publication suggests that software behemoth Microsoft will take all advantages, rights and duties of the Devices and Services divisions formerly owned by Nokia.

The Nokia acquisition deal is officially concluded today, as per the declaration made by Microsoft’s blog.

Brad Smith, legal and corporate affairs EVP commented as: “Microsoft will take this takeover of Nokia businesses as a driving force in new innovations and market value for Windows-enabled devices. We also aim to get as many as a billion new clients for Microsoft services by coming up with top-notch Nokia handsets.”

Mr Smith also pointed out an addition to the genuine agreement, under which Nokia workers based in China, will work for Microsoft.

So far, Windows powered phones from Microsoft, comprising of the mainstream Nokia Lumia line-up, have let down the company down to fight the battle with market front-runners such as Samsung and Apple, who are far ahead of Nokia is every aspect of technology and innovation.

With having the luxury of managing Nokia, Microsoft will deal the domain of and every official websites for at least 12 months.

Windows has collected a share market of merely 10 percent from smartphones in the UK in contrast the convincing 54 percent Android market share and a healthy 32 percent market share acquisition by Apple iOS, as per the figures from a reputed consumer analyst.

Microsoft has also recently updated its Windows Phone software for the first time by unveiling a virtual confidential aide dubbed as Cortana. This software can perform tasks with the help of voice commands from the phone. Microsoft has built this application in order to compete with Google Now and Apple’s Siri.