Nokia X Portathon Draws Massive Attraction amongst Developer Communities


Nokia X Portathon Pakistan held at various universities of Karachi attracted massive developers communities. The portathon aims to help developers to easily port their Android apps to new Nokia X platform. Nokia X is a new and affordable family of smartphones which is designed to run Android apps utilizing Nokia X services extensions. Nokia X will open new opportunities for Android apps developers by targeting emerging markets.


Sameer Ahmed Khan, Nokia Developer conducted the Portathon workshop sessions and was supervised by Syed Abdul Basit, DX Partner Manager. Nokia X Portathon helped students and graduates from top University of Karachi including FAST, IBA,FUUAST, SSUET and others to impart necessary skills. A number of workshop sessions were held at universities which helped hundreds of developers togain awareness of Nokia X platform.


Benefits of the Nokia X Platform

The Nokia X Platform provides you with the following benefits and more

  • Nokia X opens new markets for your existing apps.
    • Nokia X’s offers monetization tools to create additional revenue streams for your apps
    • Offers Android app compatibility
    • Apps can be developed for Nokia X using your existing Android SDK, toolkit
    • Nokia Developer programs offers promotion you need.