OnDevice says U.S users more satisfied with Motorola than Apple


Apple’s devices are starting to slip its user satisfaction domination.Google’s Android smartphones are becoming much more popular as the time passes and most recently 4 of Android phones have ranked higher in the U.S. than the Apple’s iPhone 5. Motrola’s latest smartphone that grab first place is the low-end smartphones is Motorola Atrix HD.


OnDevice, Mobile research firm conducted a recent device satisfaction study by polling over 320,000 mobile and tablet users in 6 countries that includes the US,France,UK,Germany,Indonesia and Japan.The most astonishing and surprising results came from the US region where almost 93,825 mobile users were asked that how much satisfied they are with their device.

US mobile users of cell phones reported a greater satisfaction with their Motorola Atrix HD device than any of the other device. This is astonishing but great for Motorola.

OnDevice Research observed that the Android run device comes at a much lower price point but they wanted to make sure that what exactly they are talking about here. Apple’s latest is ranked in 5th (8.23), receiving a much lower satisfaction rate in the U.S. than the Motorola Droid Razr M that stands at 8.5, HTC Rezound 4G at 8.32 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at 8.26.

Apple however still held 1st place in the U.S. on an aggregate level, followed by Google with its Nexus series. Rounding out the top 5 Motorola was 3rd while HTC and Nokia tied for 4th. Samsung placed well behind at 13th place, and BlackBerry further low.

The least surprising survey was that of 4G impact. The top 5 devices for U.S users satisfaction  are all 4G capable devices, and overall users with a 4G subscription have reported a good device satisfaction of 7.76 than no 4G subscription at 7.28.