3G services in Pakistan have reached 6.3 million PTA revealed

The latest highlights in the number sheet issued by Pakistan Telecommunication shows that the overall user-base connected to the 3G services in Pakistan have reached its all-time highest rate of…


Apple has posted a whopping profit of $18 billion

Nowadays, everyone is talking about the remarkable success which Cupertino- based smartphone behemoth Apple Inc. has managed to achieve with its latest array of revolutionary devices. The latest portfolio of…


Samsung may purchase BlackBerry for a whopping $7.5 billion

According to the latest reports from Reuters, planet’s leading smartphone manufacture Samsung has recently shown its interest in the purchase of troubled Canadian Smartphone maker BlackBerry Ltd for a whopping…

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Samsung to unleash Galaxy S6 on March 2 in Spain

As the New Year 2015 prevails, Korean handset behemoth Samsung is all set to unleash the newest device in its iconic Galaxy line-up. A recent claim from a Samsung executive…


TrendForce, revealed 1.2 billion global sales of smartphones

According to the latest study from TrendForce, the smartphone shipments saw a massive increase in global sales of smartphones concluded at 1.2 billion smartphone units in 2014, a remarkable hike…


PTA regulatory body has blocked nearly 60,000 websites

As per the latest revelations from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Chairman Dr. Ismail Shah, the regulatory body has obliterated nearly 60,000 websites so far in Pakistan. Out of these 60,000 websites,…


Microsoft Lumia 435 and 532 available for $80 and $94

Microsoft has been keen to evade global smartphone market with a bunch of colorful and inexpensive handsets in order to gain some credibility in the present throat-cutting smartphone ecosystem. Microsoft…


Mobilink 3G free trial reaches Taxila and Bhera

Pakistan’s largest cellular operator Mobilink, has decalred that is has widespread its 3G footprints in order to offer 3G trial free of cost to its users situated in Taxila and…

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PTCL offers EVO Wingle on discounted price

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has offered a discount of one year on EVO Wingle till 31st January 2015. Under the discount package PTCL has offered EVO Wingle wireless broadband…


Samsung keen to bring Tizen OS to dominate Google

Planet’s biggest smartphone maker Samsung has been keen to bring in its home-baked operating system codenamed Tizen OS in order to lessen its reliance on Google’s super operating system Android….