Pakistan 3G and 4G licenses auction details leaked


Recently leaked images from a high-level 3G advisory meeting features IT minister Ms. Anusha Rehman and Finance minister Mr.Ishaq Dar. These pictures conclude that the auction for next-generation technologies is almost ready and will be launched very soon.


The disclosed slide of the picture mentions one of the key points of the upcoming 3G license auctions.

The images suggest that government will sell 30 MHz from 2100 MHz bandwidth whereas 1800 MHz will give a 20 MHz spectrum for the auction. These spectrums will have 10 MHz of block size. If an operator purchases a spectrum from the 1800 MHz block, he will be entitled to acquire a minimum of one block from the 2100 MHz band also.

Those operators, who wish to get a license, will submit a minimum of 50% at first. The first round bidding will be sealed while bidding for the second phase would remain intact. The validity of a license will be for at least 15 years.

The government demands $295 Million for the 2100 MHz spectrum, with a said block size of 10 MHz. On the other hand, $210 million is a base price for 1800 MHz for the same block size.

The government authorities will now wind up the IM for a public disclosure presumably at the start of March.

The leaked images are revealing some significant attributes of the upcoming auctions, but they can be altered at any time.

Meanwhile, various other sources claim that government is thinking of withdrawing the 1800 MHz spectrum auctions as it might be sold lately.

The encouraging news is that government is launching 3G and 4G all together. This dual offer will serve as a gateway for the advance broadband technology in Pakistan. On the other hand, this auction will give a helping hand in improving the social auy,h3wfe2wr1eqfqf nd economic growth of the country along with providing a lot of opportunities for the professionals.