Pakistani Govt asked Facebook 35 times for data of 47 user accounts


Facebook has recently disclosed figures on how frequently governments worldwide requested Facebook user data during last six months.Colin stretch, Facebook General Counsel, released the statistics by Facebook as it’s first-ever report in this regard. He said “Transparency, trust and privacy are our core values. We work to bring the best out of our services, including response to government data requests.

facebookReport discloses that Pakistani government asked Facebook 35 times during last half an year to get data from 47 user accounts. In reply to which, 77% requests were dealt successfully by the facebook management.

The report was topped by none other than US government, which required 11,000 to 12,000 requests for 20,000 to 21,000 user profiles, followed by India with 3,245 requests for 4,144 user accounts. United Kingdom is behind them with 1,975 requests for 2,337 accounts.

These statistics cleared that how Pakistani government has been taking interest in dealing with immoral material and cyber security issues. The last on the list was Bangladesh, with a single request for 12 user accounts. How pathetic!

Both the Muslim nations had been blocking the facebook facility for a couple of times on account of disparaging, blasphemy and anti-social material but their figures show that they never interested in contacting Facebook effectively.

Facebook has announced to unveil such informative reports on a proper and regular basis following the footprints of Google, Microsoft to name a few.