Pakistani Telecom companies are offering 3G / 4G services to staff


According to various reports several mobile networks and telecom companies in Pakistan have begun to offer the trial services for 3G and 4G to their staff.

The news about next generation technology offering is true but the staff of telecom companies is offered this facility only within the premises of their workplace.

The main purpose of this hit and trail method for 3G technology is to check its working on the installed equipment and to customize the capacities of 3G spectrum following the official auctions of next-gen licenses possibly at the end of this month.

A number of users have confirmed that they are experiencing super-fast broadband speeds on their smart devices by using wireless internet on 3G network. They term the broadband speeds as “satisfactory” and also get impressive connectivity. Web surfing and video calling are also said to be working pretty well.

In the wake of upcoming next-generation technologies in Pakistan, all the cellular networks are aggressively checking the capabilities of their newly installed networks in order to be ready for the new wave of technology in the country.

At present, cellular networks are providing the test facility of 3G spectrum in a limited proportion in order to check the capacity of their networks.

All the five cellular mobile networks in the country are leaving no stone upturned to get the lead in getting these next-generation licenses. The auction process is anticipated to kick off on the 23rd of this month.

A total package of three 3G and two state-of-the-art 4G licenses is going to be unveiled in the auction process in the country.