Pakistanis waiting for activation of 3G and 4G services desperately


With the successful completion of NGMS auctions in the country, the users all over Pakistan are desperately waiting to the experience the amazing new applications of new 3G and 4G technologies.

As everyone is aware of the fact that four of the mobile operators have qualifies to win a 3G license on Wednesday, it would not be possible for the cellular firms to kick off the 3G services instantly. Sources from within the companies claim that within duration of 15 to 20 days, 3G services shall be enabled for commercial usage.

Regulatory body for telecommunications, PTA mentioned in a statement that that as soon as the mobile operators deposit the licensing dues, it is going to organize a License Award party.

Ina recent interview, PTA Chairman, Dr. Ismail Shah mentioned as, “PTA has received 15% of the earnest fee, whereas the rest of the license dues will have to be deposited in 7 to 10 days duration”.

He also mentioned that with the payment submission by the telecom operators, an Award event for licenses of NGMS will be held. And the cellular companies will begin the services of high-speed 3G spectrum as soon as they take the license and NOC from the regulator.

The duration of 30 days is entitled to deposit their rest of the license payments for the cellular companies.

Users should also note that consumers can use the services of 3G technology with their existing SIMS. There is no need to buy a new SIM. The only thing that a user should keep in mind is to have a 3G compatible handset, mainly a smartphone is the best option.

Earlier to the auctions, all the cellular firms had checked and tested their network capabilities and capacities by providing 3G facilities to its employees and a limited number of customers.