Payoneer in Pakistan and how to get this Master card


If you are doing any online or freelance business in Pakistan or abroad then you must have an online financial services provider for transaction of Money. It may be Payoneer, Paypal, Skrill,Paymate,Google wallet, Payza etc.These all are money transfer and e-commerce payment services.  Payoneer was founded in 2005 and its first CEO was Yuval Tal. The company is headquartered in New York City.

Payoneer provides its own MasterCard which can be used in many countries and in Pakistan it is currently supported by few banks like Bank Alfalah ,MCB and Standard Chartered Bank. Payoneer Master card is delivered freely at your home adress but there is currently $3 annual fee and $1 per transaction fee and Balance inquiry for ATM use.The Banks may also apply there own fee on it.The card is physically the same as any of your Bank Debit or credit card.

Samba bank : No Charges
Muslim Commercial Bank – MCB charges Rs. 250 fee
Standard Chartered Bank – SCB charges Rs. 300 fee

As an online freelancer you can carry out transactions from your Payoneer account using its MasterCard using local ATMs in all countries where Payoneer is available. Unlike Paypal which is still ban in Pakistan Payoneer is here to rescue you.

In order to get Payoneer Master card in Pakistan you need to have your account registered at Payoneer website.Click below to make your account on Payoneer and fill in the basic information.

payoneer-Pakistan-1Payoneer_pakHow to get Payoneer Master card in Pakistan

So go to Payoneer website from above link and start filling the basic information.The most important of all is your Address, Name (Which will be printed on Payoneer Master Card) and National ID without dashes. Payoneer dispatch your Master card normally in 02 weeks.

How to activate your Master Card?

After recieving your Payoneer Master Card the first thing you need to do is Login to your account and activate your Master card.You have to enter your Master card 16 digit code and then give a secret pin code of 4 digits.You can use this card on many websites like Facebook,Odesk,ebay, Hostgator etc.