Priyanka Chopra promotes Qmobile LINQ smartphones


QMobile, a local smartphone manufacturer, has now grown a habit of launching its new line-up of handset with renowned and famous celebrities. This time around, it has employed yet another Diva from the Bollywood industry to inaugurate the launching ceremony of its new brand under the name of LINQ in Pakistan. For this purpose, company has signed Priyanka Chopra to launch LINQ smartphones.

The LINQ Smartphone series is going to come up with Android enabled features far better than QMobile attributes. Rumors have also suggested that that LINQ smartphones will sport more-RAM, improved OS and optimized storage capacities. It will also be compatible with 3G networks.

Zeeshan Akhtar, CEO of Qmobile, have mentioned the launch of LINQ a couple of days ago and said the latest smartphone brigade is more innovative, superior, qualitative and is aimed to cater youth needs.
Speculations also highlight that company will unleash three smartphones initially with kicking off price-tag of Rs. 12,000 that will shoot up to Rs. 30,000 as per the device.

We presume that LINQ smartphones will tap the power concerned smartphone users, who were otherwise not attracted to jump on the bandwagon of QMobile.

QMobile has nearly more than (50%) market share in Pakistani cellular phone market, and having a new opponent, Sony, with its Z4 and Z3 on the offering, QMobile will have to make an aggressive retaliation establish its mark in mid-to-high-end market.

With the provision of Priyanka Chopra in the new LINQ smartphones ads, it is anticipated to gain admiration and popularity among the young who opt for high-end gadgets at an affordable price.
LINQ is anticipated to hit market shelves all over Pakistan this Sunday.