Prize money at Australian Open Raised for 2013


Finally, the tennis governing body ATP has shown some flexibility to the complaints by the top players regarding low cash purse for early round losers by increasing the overall prize money at 2013 Australian Open. The move will help players in each round to get more money than offered by any other Grand Slam. This will specially help the players losing in early rounds. The reason described for this move by the Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley is to help tennis players make a decent living.


In the past, the professional players had threatened ATP to even going for strikes or boycotting the events in order to get their demands of prize money increase met. However, the talk of strike has come to an end with record increase in men’s and women’s singles first round losers at the Australian Open. The prize money given to the players per round would now be the maximum at all the four Grand Slams. This increase in prize money would also be applicable for doubles and qualifying matches. However, the money has not been raised for mixed doubles event.

The overall prize money for the tournament has been fixed as A$30 million (£19,360). The prize money for the first round losers has been raised to 32.7% compared to 2012. They will now receive A$27,600 (£17,808). Those exiting in the second round would be earning A$45,500 (£29,357) which is 36.6 % increase. The winner of the tournament will be earning A$2.43 million (£1.57 million) each for men’s and women’s champion.

The ATP also hinted to raise the money in future tournaments even more by having more input from players and discussing the issue with them.