PTA auction for 3G, 4G spectrum is going to start in few hours


The much-anticipated and the much-awaited next generation spectrum auctions are going to get under tomorrow at 10:30 AM, that’s merely a couple of hours away from this moment.

The regulatory body for telecommunications in Pakistan, PTA, has done its homework pretty well to kick off the licensing process as it conducted a comprehensive mock auction a day earlier. Sources from the PTA claimed that all deserving mobile networks joined the mock auction as a rehearsal for the auction procedures and rules entitled to it.

With the completion of full-fledge mock-auction yesterday, the list of cellular networks will now be able to sit in the ultimate fight to bid for the 3G/4G auctions tomorrow.

So far, the regulator hasn’t disclosed any details considering the kind (3G / 4G) and bundle of spectrum the networks will fight for. Meanwhile, earlier reports said that out of 1800 MHz band, a 20 MHz will be given. On the other hand, for 2100 MHz band a total of 30 MHz bandwidth will be auctioned.

Four out of five cellular networks in the country i.e. Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor and Zong are nominated participants of the next-gen auctions and they will apply for the auctions via their head-offices through web. For this purpose, PTA has chosen an auction hall in Islamabad where media persons, PTA employees and auction committee officials will be present.

With the revelations of base prices, bids are going to kick off. The maximum time for each bid is said to be 45 minutes. Within the duration of this allotted time frame, an operator can bid as high as he wants to get the license of his desire.

The Auction process might be a long session. It will be called off as soon as we get the ultimate winners.