PTA to auction 4G licenses for $210 million in adition to 3G licenses


Auction of much awaited 3G and 4G licenses by Government of Pakistan will be held in April, 2014. The proposal submitted by the 3G consultants has finally been approved by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, .

Ishaq Dar, the Finance Minister, also confirmed to the media personals about the Government decision to  auction of two 4G licenses in addition to three 3G licenses by April 2014.

Mr. Ishaq Dar informed that a 3G license will cost $295 million. The licence will be given for a 10Mhz block, starting at frequency band of 2100Mhz. The 4G license of 10Mhz with frequency band of 1800Mhz is priced at $210 million.

Dar said that Government would like to get the full payment for license , however an option with 50 per cent payment and payment of rest of money in five equal installments in five years, with three percent interest rate may be considered.

Complete details of the 3G / 4G auction will be contained in Information Memorandum likely to come in couple of weeks. Experts says that the auction of 4G licences along with 3G is a great decision by the Government. Its worth mentioning that the speed of 4G is much faster than 3G.

Auction of 4G spectrum in Pakistan will no doubt offer greater flexibility of use of internet in Pakistan with high speed. Pakistan will be included among the few dozens of countries after auction of 4G licenses,  that are currently providing 4G services.