PTA claims data revenue have touched 25% of all revenues


In the recent road-show organized by Nokia Networks, PTA chairman Dr. Ismail Shah has highlighted that the cellular data consumption is experiencing a gigantic exponential growth in Pakistan, following the successful auctions of 3G/4G technologies last year.

The figures disclosed by Dr. Ismail Shah revealed that Pakistani cellular phone subscribers used a total of 6,840 tera-bytes (TBs) of data during the month of December 2014, which is up from just 1,243 tera-bytes (TBs) during the month of January 2014, hence depicting nearly 600% growth in data consumption.

Dr. Shah mentioned that the boom in telecom sector was witnessed prior to the auction of 3G/4G auction, meanwhile, the massive exponential hike is far beyond industry’s anticipation.

It is astonishing to see that one third of total cellular data is still utilized by 2G subscribers, thus suggesting that the untapped Pakistani market have enormous potential for 3G and 4G networks in the country.

At present, a limited number of destinations across Pakistan are offered with the 3G services by operators and a massive rural market still uses 2G. As soon as the 3G facility is delivered to the rural areas, the data usage consumption will shoot up beyond its limits.

The data revenue shares have touched 25% of the overall revenues of cellular phone providers with-in the inaugural year of 3G/4G launch in Pakistan. With a population of more than 200 million natives, Pakistan is turning out to the be the next emerging market for data usage and is returning monstrous profits to those who are investing in this lucrative market.