PTA clarifies on Warid stance of 4G network


In response to the recent claims from Warid Telecom to offer 4G/LTE facilities to its consumers, the regulatory body, PTA, has jumped out from its barracks to clarify its stance on this issue.

Warid was not a part of the recent next generation auctions in the country. The winners of the 3G/4G licenses have shown their curiosity to solve the hype created by Warid Telecom.

In regard to this matter, Dr Ismail Shah, PTA Chairman mentioned their position by quoting, “The nature of the Warid license is purely technological but it is also service neutral the same time”.

He also highlighted that Warid will require to apply through proper channel to initiate 4G/LTE services.

The regulator will then decide whether to give it a green signal or not. A number of parameters will also come into considerations to allow Warid start its new services. The winners of latest 3G/4G spectrum will also be consulted on this issue.

Warid will find it tough to kick off its 4G/LTE services as it will need appropriate network coverage, QoS, improved surveillance requirements and operations permission from the regulator.

Dr. Ismail Shah also added that Warid must reveal all necessary information about how Warid would utilize the 8.8 MHz bandwidth in 1800 band for its LTE facilities and its influence of the present 2G/2.5G clients.

He mentioned that Warid won’t be able to do anything unless it discloses the details about its LTE services which is claimed in the recent promotion campaigns.

Warid telecom filed a request yesterday that it wants to continue with the existing licensee to offer 4G services. In response to this plea, PTA has accepted its request by saying that it should come up with a feasible plan to carry out such sophisticated operations in the country.