PTA focus to achieve 79 billion 3G users by 2025


According to vision 2025, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is targeting to amass over 79 million 3G users in the country by the year 2025. This massive 3G penetration in Pakistan will include the country to get registered in the top 10 markets with mobile broadband globally.

To achieve this landmark, the regulatory body is aiming on a connected ecosystem with gigantic figure of devices (smartphones and beyond) connected to the internet in the coming future.

The anticipations made by PTA suggest that by the year 2025, a user with age 0f 26.4 years will have as many as 9.5 connected devices on the average scale. This enormous connected devices penetration will take the total count of connected devices to an incredible 2.1 billion units.

This exponential rise in connected devices during next few years will hugely impact the society and the economy.

The PTA report predicts that hike in connected devices will feature an 11 times larger market opportunity for telcos in comparison to the current voice market in Pakistan. As far as the revenues are concerned, PTA seems very optimistic from connected devices growth as it is going to surpass both the Voice and Data by 2020.

The report also forecasts that the cellular market in Pakistan will cross the USD 17 Billion on an annual basis by 2025, which is presently USD 3.9 Billion per year.

The stats also mentions that the boom in telecom market will bring a trillion dollar market opportunity for wireless industry revenues in several key sectors like energy, healthcare, science, transportation and retail to name a few.

PTA have made it clear that it is going to provide a wide array of encouraging facilities and services to the telcos to offer integrated OTT services to deliver consumers value via product-based services in a associative framework.