PTA regulatory body has blocked nearly 60,000 websites


As per the latest revelations from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Chairman Dr. Ismail Shah, the regulatory body has obliterated nearly 60,000 websites so far in Pakistan. Out of these 60,000 websites, nearly 50,000 web pages were adult sites whereas the rest 10,000 were subjected to blasphemous data and those from anti-state sources.

This information was disclosed by Dr. Ismail Shah when summoned in Islamabad High Court where a lawsuit is being solved that has challenged the legitimate position of Inter-Ministerial Committee and the procedures involved infiltration of the websites.

Chairman PTA elaborated the nature of these websites in front of the judge that most of the blocked websites were adult in nature and are shut down prior to complaints filed by citizens, whereas the remaining websites — like as YouTube — are being closed after court orders.

Dr. Shah also gave a list of filtered websites in a sealed envelope that were subjected to obliteration on the request from law enforcement agencies. A plethora of these websites is being run by banned outlaws and those by anti-state sources.

Member telecom from IT ministry, Mudassir Hussain, requested the court to reconsider the earlier order under PTA was not entitled to block any website prior to the approval from the court.
The Court agreed to assist PTA by letting it block the websites as soon as they received complaints.
The court also ordered PTA and information technology (IT) ministry management to bring a comprehensive report on the matter while coming on next hearing.