PTA reveals Pakistani 3G users crossed 5 million mark


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has issued its latest report regarding the next generation technologies outcome in the country. As per the statistics from the regulator, mobile operators have continued to surge their 3G subscriptions, which touched 4.962 million at the end of November 2014. This means that for now, it is obvious that Pakistani cellular industry have crossed 5 million 3G users. The report shows that the inaugural six months of the 3G launch were the driving force behind its massive success in the country.

Interestingly enough, CMPak’s local wing, Zong, has been the dark horse in this contest as is has amassed more 3G users than any other operator in the country.

When we closely observe the facts and figures of PTA report, we come to know that a total of 1.20 million fresh subscriptions were added to 3G network in November this year. On the contrary, 4G usage was far low than expectations due to limted availability and network coverage. Zong was the only operator till now which had an overall 4G user-base of 1,500 subscriptions.

Zong, in total, had picked up nearly 1.688 million 3G users from the huge cellular market of Pakistan at the end of November 2014.

The impressive and incredible hike of Zong 3G users indicated its alluring and aggressive sales strategy albeit it was very sloppy in the rollout process of its 3G facilities in contrast to its other three opponents.
Country biggest operator by customer-base, Mobilink, is second on the 3G subscription list with 1.443 million users.

Telenor Pakistan had managed to make nearly 1.182 million 3G users use their network at the end of reported duration.

Most surprising of all, Ufone is running last on this list its 646,949 3G customers despite aggressive 3G campaign via print and electronic media.

Mobilink has said to offer its 3G services in 24 cities whereas Telenor claims have spread its 3G footprint in 55 cities currently.

The increase in user base depicts the penetration of cellular companies in different cities; meanwhile, the experience, quality and utility of services could not be determined by these numbers.

As far as the 4G services are concerned, Zong, being the first and only 4G operator in the country so far, launched 4G service in the end of September 2014, managed slower extraction in 4G users, which were merely 1,452 at the end of November 2014.

It is clear that 4G is the latest technology in Pakistan but the coverage facility is limited on the network of Zong so far.

Warid Telecom has also unleashed its 4G LTE service a couple of weeks earlier and is all sets to lock horns with Zong in 4G lucrative market with slightly lesser competition in contrast to 3G market.
With such a lesser number of 4G users on Zong bandwagon, Warid has a golden chance to get in to the driving seat by speeding up its network optimization up-gradation to get snatch the throne of 4G leading operator in Pakistan.