PTA setups dedicated department for SIM complaints


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has released a statement that says that it has set up a dedicated department to address the complaints regarding the SIM issuance issues.

Users should note that PTA had earlier declared that new SIM won’t be issued without the verification process via biometric system prior to August 1st, 2014. SIM replacements are also handed over following proper authentication through the BVS. This hard and fast law is now strictly practiced all across Pakistan and no mobile phone SIM can be given away other than running a biometric verification of the consumer.
Just to add, a user can acquire not more than five SIMs on one CNIC. This means that that if a user has over 5 SIMs registered on his/her name, then he/she can’t be able to get another. The only possibility left is to block his/her earlier SIMs to bring the total count of SIMs on a CNIC fewer than five.

Newly setup facility for this purpose is aimed at optimizing the value of the SIM issuance process.
The monitoring Cell shall get complaints from securities and Law Enforcement Agencies and the general masses via different modes. A specific email address and SMS short-code have been created for this very cause.

Now, anyone can knock the doors of PTA at following numbers, email for any matters of concern if they come across during the process:

• SMS: 6688

Other than this, complaints can also be sent through fixed line number 051-9207059 and fax number 051-2878139. A toll free number i.e. 0800-55055 is also available if user wants to talk directly to the concerned authorities.

The complaints shall be addressed and results shall be shared with concerned quarters for taking rectification measures. General masses are asked to feel free to contact and inform PTA about their complaints and breaches practiced in issuance of SIMs.