PTA will organize 3G / 4G spectrum licenses auction through electronic process


The telecom regulatory body of Pakistan, PTA is all set to organize the upcoming next-generation spectrum licenses through an electronic process.

A PTA spokesman interviewed by local English daily commented as, “The decision of making the 3G/4G auctions via e-auction is aimed at fair and transparent bidding process.” He also said that participating operators are going to get different colors or codes for their biddings and the cellular network’s identity will not be disclosed.

The latest announcement about shifting the 3G/4G auctions to the electronic platform are in line with the international auction standards. Neighboring nations like India also employed the identical e-auctions process to shift on the 3G spectrum.

On the contrary, Bangladesh selected to run on the conventional track of the auction process of next-generation technologies.

The government has asked all the cellular network participants to deposit their bidding proposals by not later than 14th April. The regulator will then organize a mock auction session to ensure secure and fair auction process in the country.

A couple of reports also revealed that the staff and some of the consumers have been offered with the high speed 3G connectivity to check and test the capacities of their respective networks.

Hence, everyone seems to eye the 23rd of April 2014, the date which is allocated for the auctions of next-generation technology in Pakistan.