PTCL announce 8MB DSL broadband connection for Rs 2,999


PTCL 8MB DSL package has arrived for customers. PTCL today announced its latest high-speed DSL broadband package for PKR 2,999 monthly. PTCL 8Mb package at such a cheap rate is really a good step by PTCL.

Earlier PTCL was offering 2MB and 4MB packages for nominal rates but now the 8MB package is also quite affordable. The move may be a step to cater the enormous customers turning to 3G plans by Telecom operators.


According to PTCL the 8MB DSL broadband package is being offered to customers with unlimited download

PTCL offer is valid for both new and existing customers.

Previously PTCL was offering 8Mbps DSL package for Rs. 7,000 with unlimited downloads.

PTCL is offering unlimited downloads on 8MB package till January 1st, 2015, after which 100GB limit will be applied.

From January 1st, 2015  Rs. 100 will be chaged on each GB above 100 GBs from customers.

It suggested that 8Mbps DSL package should be availed by users who have PTCL’s Fibre connections at their door step as the use of such a high speed connection on copper wires is not recommended as it can hardly support it.

Features of PTCL 8MB DSL connection:-

  • PTCL 8Mbps package is available for Rs. 2,999 per month.
    • PTCL 8Mb package offers unlimited downloads till 31st Dec 2014.
    • 100GB download limit wef 1st Jan 2015
    • Rs. 100 per GB dor additional GBs.
    • Installation Charges of PTCL 8MB package is Rs. 1,500
    • Smart Spot (PTCL WiFi)