PTCL announced net revenues of Rs. 100.5 billion


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) announced net revenues of Rs. 100.5 billion for the nine months period which ended on September 30, 2013. PTCL today announced its financial results for the period which ended by September 2013 at the meeting of its Board of Directors (BoD) held in Islamabad.

 PTCL posted a total revenue growth of 16 percent with Net Profit standing at Rs. 11.3 billion for the mentioned period. PTCL gross Profit stood at around Rs. 35.98 billion.

 PTCL’s showed a significant increase in its revenue of about 31 percent which stood at Rs 60.7 billion where as PTCL Net Profit stood at Rs. 9.3 billion, while Gross Profit was Rs. 20.8 billion.

PTCL CEO Walid Irshaid,expressed his satisfaction and pleasure on company’s strong performance adding that, PTCL results are the reflection of its strength in business and strong commitment of its team.

He said that PTCL business decisions are well timed and geared towards adding the value to its stakeholders while continuously making innovation in terms of service offers and products.

PTCL is on a perfect growth trajectory and the company revenues have shown sharp increase driven mainly by broadband services. PTCL over the last two years has heavily invested to build the country broadband infrastructure.

PTCL continues to increase its wireline and wireless broadband market share as well as improved its offerings for specialized telecom solutions by introducing state of the art equipment and products at unmatched affordable prices.