PTCL announced Smart TV Jadoo Plus with 125 Channels


PTCL has announced a new Smart TV offer Jadoo Plus box.It is a variation of PTCL Smart TV service that is already available and offers TV streaming over IPTV.

PTCL claims that latest Smart TV Jadoo PLUS will allow customers to watch 125 channels stream (IPTV multicast stream). The new PTCL service will offer customers millions of videos and access to huge library of free Movies. The new offer also provides App store facility,that will allow customers to use internet applications like Facebook and twitter etc. on their own television sets.


PTCL DSL broadband customers that have a connection of 2 Mbps data rate or higher can avail PTCL new Smart TV Jadoo Plus offer.

PTCL new Smart TV Jadoo Plus Charges

Customer can avail the Smart TV Jadoo Plus on monthly installment of two years. Monthly installment is Rupees 600/-

Smart TV Jadoo Plus device charges, one time are Rupees 10,000.

Monthly Rental:

2 MB DSL Customers, Rs. 600 per month
4 MB DSL Customers, Rs. 500 per month
6 MB DSL Customers, Rs. 400 per month
8 MB DSL Customers, Rs. 300 per month
10 MB DSL Customers, Rs. 200 per month

  • All existing and new PTCL users can avail this facility.
  • High speed internet with 2 Mbps or higher is required to avail the service.
  • A TV with HDMI or composite input support is required for service.
  • Smart TV Jadoo Plus one time device charges are Rs. 10,000 or can be availed on monthly installment of Rs. 600 for 2 years.
  • Monthly charges depend on DSL speed
  • Smart TV Jadoo Plus needs one-time registration, done by the PTCL CPEI visiting home at the time of installation.
  • Smart TV Jadoo Plus supports composite (1 video + 2 audio) as well as HDMI inputs.
  • Customers can switch between Smart TV Jadoo Plus to IPTV and vice versa. T
  • Devices has warranty period of one year.