PTCL broadband is now among the top ten broadband service providers


Pakistan is now ranked among the top countries with has the highest broadband internet growth rate .This all is attributed to exponential growth of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). PTCL has been the leading broadband service provider in Pakistan during last few years.


PTCL has contributed much and put in heavy investment in broadband infrastructure and technology development across the whole country. This has invariably helped industry and households to grow to do the business efficiently by cutting both the cost and time through its broadband services.

While contributing to broadband success and exhibiting consistent performance in the past few years, PTCL is the sole entity of broadband services with millions of trusted customers and no mentionable competitors in the sector.

PTCL along with Universal Services Fund (USF) which is established by Government of Pakistan is putting its all out efforts to expand broadband connectivity and telephony services to urban as well as rural areas thus bridging the digital divide utilizing ICT services across the country.

Although PTCL made a late entry in the country’s broadband market but its continuous efforts and high ambitions brought it to the top. Without PTCL’s contribution in broadband sector Pakistan would be hardly visible on international broadband map.

PTCL helped to raise the broadband customers in Pakistan from as less than 27,000 back in 2005-06 to over 2.89 million in 2013.

Today, PTCL is connecting over 2000 cities of Pakistan with its efficient technical infrastructure which is catalyst of economic growth. PTCL provides affordable and quality broadband services which is helping a great way in learning and development. PTCL within its first 120 days of launching achieved over 10,000 broadband customers.