PTCL DSL Broadband Offers free upgrade to 2Mbps


PTCL has announced a free offer to upgrade broadband DSL from 1Mbps to 2Mbps speeds for its valued customers till March 31st, 2013., PTCL under this special promotion offer will provide free upgrade of data rate of 1 Mbps users to 2 Mbps without any type of additional charges till the end of March 2013.So now the customers that are paying Rs. 1,250 per month can avail 2Mbps speeds for the same price till March 1st, 2013.


After the last date users will either have to pay Rs. 1,549 per month for the upgraded 2Mbps speed or they will be offered to down-grade to their original speeds of 1 Mbps.

All 1Mbps will be upgraded by PTCL to 2Mbps broadband DSL speeds automatically.

The Offer Details are:

  • 2Mbps Broadband charges: Rs.1,250 per month
  • Unlimited download available
  • All 1Mbps users are being upgraded to 2Mbps
  • No extra charges before 31st Mar 2013
  • Offers starts during February, 2013
  • Valid Up to 31 March, 2013
  • Customer who do not want to avail 2Mbps upgrade must call 1236 to revert back to 1Mbps


  • A special 2 Mbps promotional package to customers with 1 Mbps equivalent Tariff (Rs1,250/ month)
  • This promotional package will last on 31st Mar-2013 and standard 2 Mbps Tariff (Rs.1,549/ month) will apply after that
  • All customer who do not want to continue with 2Mbps must opt out calling 1236 and reverting back to 1Mbps